A Husband's Guide to : Humor-patibility

"Oh, goodie, TheHusBlog is making up words again, this is always fun..."

Listen here face-less voice of the Internet...  This is going to be good, okay, mediocre.  I need to work on my self-esteem.  

When you think about compatibility a few things always come to mind: political views, attraction, religion, morals, etc.  And sure these things are very important when it comes to a relationship, however there are a few other, lesser thought of items that also play a pivotal part in partnership(I totally wrote that sentence that way on purpose).

One of those key things is Humor.  They say that laughter is the best medicine, I don't know if that is true but I was raised Catholic so we have a saying : Comedy = Tragedy + Time.  As you can see my sense of humor can lean towards the macabre.  Growing up I faced some rough things, several family deaths hit all at once when I was only 9.  The nice thing about being young is that youth makes you bounce back quick. I faced tragedy young and even though I still have some light scars I learned to laugh even in the dark times.

Humor compatibility or "Humor-patibility" can be one of those things that helps keep your relationship on stable ground during the storms that can occur in life.  "So the TheHusBlog, you think you might have dipped your pen in the metaphor ink a little too heavily today?  And how about Huggins?  Is your name Huggins?"  First off that metaphor was solid.  Okay I just re-read it, you might have a point there.  Also where the hell did you come up with Higgins?  What do you think I am a blogger and a butler?

Gotta stop writing to myself.

Okay let's move on.  Before I go on, let me take a moment for..  You guessed it!

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Types of Humor

  • Slapstick : Think 3 Stooges here, or if you are one of my younger readers think Jackass.  Generally this is slipping on a banana peel, tripping, eye pokes.
    • There is an off shoot of slapstick humor which I will just call "Kicked in the Balls" Humor.  Really not going to elaborate seeing as the name pretty much says it all.  Thanks for this one, youtube.
  • Puns : Generally these are word play jokes usually related to double meanings of words.  I tend to like a good pun myself.  If you are really interested in puns here is a website you might like.  So Much Pun
  • Fucked Up Humor : These are the jokes that once said cause the people around you to laugh, but then say, "That's fucked up."  Like that gets you off the hook for laughing at that...  You are a bad person.
  • Awkward Humor : This humor makes me cringe.  Seriously, I don't get squeamish at horror movies but I often cover my eyes during "Meet The Parents."  This humor is characterized by people in extremely awkward and unbelievable situations.  
  • High Brow Humor : This humor is based on understanding of complex/obscure/scholarly information and often combines puns as well.  Example: "And that is why I have to enunciate correctly when talking about my Aunt O'Tate."  Yeah if you get the joke please let me know in the comments why it is funny.
There are, of course many other types of humor but you get my point.  There are so many things that keep couples together.  Shared values, work ethic, love of the arts(did I really just say that?  You can almost her the monocle in my voice), but humor can be one of those things too.  The couple that laughs together stays together.  Maybe you two don't always laugh at the same things but pay attention and when a good joke comes along that bridges the gap between you two, you will see that nothing ends a fight faster than a good laugh, and nachos.


2 Response to "A Husband's Guide to : Humor-patibility"

  1. Marianne says:

    Never thought of humor this way. Thanks for the breakdown! Not sure where I fall in. I'm starting to like awkward humor and I used to hate it. Maybe it's the whole, "glad it's not me this time" thing.

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