Things That Your Husband Loves - This One Is For The Ladies

Okay ladies, this one is for you.  I am going to give you a list of things that your Hubby absolutely loves.  If you ensure that he can enjoy the below items, you will have a happy man!

  • Good Sleeping Weather : Nothing is better than a stormy morning on a lazy Sunday.  We men love to sleep during a storm, so for heaven's sake, don't wake us up too early.  Let us enjoy snoozing to the sounds of thunder and rain.
  • Lazy napping on the couch while watching a game : Yeah we probably snore on the couch, but let us be.  We will wake up when something important happens in the game and we will be eternally grateful for the brief shut eye.
  • Sexy Come Ons : We might not admit it, but nothing makes your hubby happier than when you take the lead in romantic encounter.  Trust me, nothing is better than some sexy lingerie when it is least expected.
  • Video Game Time : Yes, we men never really grow up and sometimes we want to spend some quality time saving the world from aliens, fighting nazis, or helping Shepard save the galaxy(Mass Effect reference).
  • The Occasional Escape : We will be more than happen to accompany you to all manor of events but every once and while please let us out of it.  Would it kill you to let us out of the 4th baby shower this month?  When you let us out of something we will more than likely use our newly acquired free time to go out and buy you something nice.
  • Sexy Come Ons : Yeah I am listing that one again, because it is that important.
Okay ladies this above list may seem really simple but every now and then surprise your man because he really will appreciate it.


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