I Hope It Floats My Good Sir

One of my best friends and I happened to be able to go out have some lunch today.  We used to work together so lunches used to be more common.  Now that we do not work together each lunch we get to have is a little more special...

(Just re-read the above paragraph, what am I writing a blog post or Tuesday's With Morry?  Hey Hallmark just called they want their card idea back...)

Okay back to the story.  So my friend and I went out to eat.  While we were eating I was telling him how I have been watching what I eat and working out.  Here is the conversation.

ME : Yeah, I have been trying to watch my calories and fat to lose some weight and get more healthy.

HIM : You know I have a story related to that but it might not be appropriate for telling while eating.

ME : It's cool, I'm in.

HIM : Several years ago I worked with a guy who was in decent shape, never really worked out but was not overweight or anything.  In any case he went to the doctor one day to get a check up and asked the doctor what it took to be healthy.

ME:  What?

HIM : The doctor told him.  "Cutting all bullshit aside and getting right to root.  If your poop floats you are good.  If it doesn't you are eating too much greasy fatty foods"

ME : Seriously?

HIM : Seriously.

ME : You know what this means?

HIM : What?

ME : Every time I want to wish you well or say good bye I am just going to say : "I Hope It Floats."


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