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  So I was a bad blogger and missed Saturday's Post.  I have no good excuse, it was just a very busy weekend.  Unfortunately, here we are Wednesday and the Muse is not really inspiring me.  So I give you a bunch of little random posts rolled into one, kind of like 7 layer bars but less fattening.

Funny Thing My Mother In Law Says:
  • <To Me> : "I saved your old silverware in case <wife's name here> leaves you and takes your silverware with her."
  • "If it gets too late after dinner I can just stay the night, it will be fun."
  • <To my wife> : "Having you was the happiest day of my life, even though I was in labor for 13 hours and almost died."

Random Conversation With My Wife

WIFE : I need you to pick up all of our packages from the front desk from now on.

ME : Okay....  Why?

WIFE : Because I think the guy down there thinks I am a shop-a-holic.

ME : So you think the leasing agent is silently judging you?

WIFE : Yes.

ME : Glad I didn't marry a crazy person.

Random Conversation with a Co-Worker

COWORKER : Where do you want to go to lunch?

ME : How about Sweet Tomatoes (This is a healthy Salad Bar and Soup Place)

COWORKER : Ew no.  Do you know how many common people touch the handles to the serving utensils there?

ME : Did you just say 'common people'?

COWORKER : Yes, and I need to go somewhere that I will be served.

ME : I feel like I am still back at the whole 'common people' thing.

COWORKER : Well we have moved on, I need you to keep up.

ME : So Chili's then?

COWORKER : Very well.


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  1. Unknown says:

    Wives are brutally mean by nature. Mother has the right idea by keeping the silverware back just in case. I'd definitely leave my husband with nothing but a Swiss Army knife.

    I tagged you in my blog because, let's be honest, we need some testosterone if I'm going to keep it an equal opportunity internet.


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