A Husband's Guide to : Secret Marriage Games

Every marriage that I know of has secret marriage games.  And no, I am not talking about "naughty" games.  More like the little competitions that crop up after years of wedded bliss.  While every person's finger print is unique so too is every marriage.  The combination of two lives into one is bound to create some friction, that is often expressed through little competitions.  Let's explore some of the more common ones shall we...

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Secret Marriage Games


Yes, what do you want now?

"Well two things, first, really, your name, TheHusBlog"

That's not really a question.

"Yeah it is more of an accusation of you having a dumb blogger name."

Well that helps my self-esteem greatly, thanks...  What is your second question?

"If they are secret marriage games how can you define them?"

By using words constructed in sentences using commonly accepted syntax.


Moving on...

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Secret Marriage Games

  • New iPhone App Codependence : Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, Draw Something all have one thing in common.  In most marriages one partner is forced to play it.  Marriage means never having to play a random opponent.  My wife loves all these games and is more than happy to let me know when I have not taken my turn quickly enough.  As if the app reminding me to play isn't enough, I also have my wife texting me with "Draw me a picture."
  • Half Way Thru Television Gambit : If you want to watch  show that your partner typically does not enjoy the best play is to get to the TV first and start watching it before your partner gets there.  Then once your partner joins and starts complaining, you can be like, "it's almost half way over can I just finish it?"  At this point you might even bat your eyes, because let's face it, what monster is going to fight you on that.
  • The Household Account Spending Blitz : Much has been said in terms of the difference between married money and single money.  The key to pilfering household money for your own ends is to get to it fast enough and with a plausible reason.  Consider this :
    • Asking permission : Honey I saw some new towels I think we should have for the bathroom, they are $200 dollars but I think they would look great, what do you think...  The response is likely to be hell no.
    • Informing : Honey I spend $200 dollars on some towels for the bathroom.  Normally I wouldn't but they were on sale and we had money in the household account.  Spend it before your partner can
  • Drawing First Bed : Instead of drawing first blood on your opponent you draw first bed.  Meaning you are the first one to get in at night and can take control of the blankets early and tuck underneath to ensure they remain yours for the night.  
I know there are many other games out there but these are some of my favorites.  In fact on I take part in regularly is Drawing First Bed.  Unfortunately, I lost tonight because I had to write a blog post...  You win this time WifeOfTheHusBlog...


PS : For those of you who have found me recently I am going to be adding links to some of my favorite posts from back in the day...  Today's Gem (and I use that term loosely) is Unspeakables

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