A Husband's Guide to : The 7th Sense

So we all know about the 5 senses : Touch, Smell, Taste, Vision, and Hearing.  And we also know about the Sixth Sense...

"You mean the movie with Bruce Willis and he sees dead people because he is actually dead."

Way to ruin it for everyone voice in my head.

"It came out in 1999, if they haven't seen it yet then they ain't going to see it."

First of all good point, second of all shouldn't you use better grammar than 'ain't'?

"Well thank you, and I am a figment of YOUR imagination so really shouldn't YOU be using better grammar?"

I hate you.

"Feeling is mutual..."

What I actually mean with the sixth sense is that extra sensory perception that something is wrong or that something is not what it appears.  Now I am sure the documented cases of the sixth sense are probably hard to prove but rather than going down that path I would like to focus on the 7th sense.  What is the 7th sense you ask?

"I am positively shaking in anticipation."

Still hate you.

"Yeah, but as a figment of your imagination what does that hatred say about you?"

Valid point.  Moving On...

The 7th sense is something that only married people have.  It is that sense that something is wrong with our partner.  I am not talking about psychically sensing when the other is hurt, or upset, or even struggling with a word problem.  Instead I mean that sense that you have offended your partner.  In order to explain this I am going to have to call on an old and trusty friend...

"You mean me?"

Seriously, you need to shut up now.

"You are a meanie!"

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : The 7th Sense Examples

  • Should Not Have Gone Out With My Friends Sense : So there you are with a night off and your spouse has the night off too.  Unfortunately you have made plans with your guy friends.  Even though the wife says it is totally cool, you get a tingling...  Yep you should not have gone out with your friends.
  • I Totally Forgot An Anniversary Or Something : There are no greater words to fear than "so you know why today is special don't you."  The hard truth is if you have to ask then you will never know.  But you have to admit, a little part of you was sure something was off that day right?
  • Fine Is Not Fine : We husbands get conditioned early on to think that Fine is Never, Ever Fine.  It is a dangerous word and to usually means trouble.  Most of us men get a little tingle in our 7th sense when something is fine.
I am sure there are other examples but they escape me now.  Guys remember, the 7th sense is there to help you before you make a terrible mistake.  So by all means, listen up!


And the gem I have unearthed for you today is rather a perfect compliment to this post...  Enragement Pt 2.

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