Terms of Accountability

We husbands are only human after all, and sometimes we do make some mistakes.  How we handle owning up to those mistakes can make all the difference in moving on.  So without further ado I give you Terms of Accountability.


  • My Bad : This one works great if you are dealing with your frat buddies or you accidentally over cooked a hot pocket.  This should only be used for the most minor of infractions.
  • I screwed up : This one shows ownership right off the bad.  Basically you are saying I did something wrong.  A little immature? Maybe.
  • I Made a Mistake : Ah, behold the mature version of "I screwed up."  Usually for medium level issues.
  • What Have I Done? : This is the denial term of accountability, usually reserved for when you have done something so dumb that even you can't believe you did it.
  • I Apologize : Simple, direct, to the point, used for larger scale screw ups.
  • I'm Sorry : The classic, still relevant today.
So next time you make a mistake, think about how to make amends.  Choose your words carefully.


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