A Husband's Guide to : Hobbies

"Hobbies?  TheHusBlog, really?"  I know you are wondering how I am going to bring this one around to an important point about marriage, but really, trust me, I mean you are talking to the guy who related Gameshows to marriage so I think I have earned some credibility there.

We all have hobbies, maybe stamp collecting, wood working, or competitive eating.  As a single person hobbies can help pass the time, allow you to meet other people, or even improve yourself.  However once we become a couple, these hobbies can become a wedge between our spouses.  Because there is a wide variety of hobbies we are going to have to do some classification, which of course leads us to...

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Types of Hobbies(Table)

                                                                                     Hobby Cost
Hobby Type                                 Cheap                                                           Expensive

Solo                                     Good For Marriages                                         Bad for Marriages

Shared                                 Bad for Marriages                                            Good for Marriages

I know I have some explaining to do on this table.  First of all solo hobbies are good, you should have something that is just for you, however it cannot be a drain on the family finances.  Nothing is worse then the lion's share of disposable income going to something that only one person can enjoy.  Now we move on to shared hobbies.  Cheap shared hobbies sound good, but in truth without some money behind them they will fall by the wayside.  When you and your spouse get started on something together it should cost something.  Think of it as an investment.  Reminds me of a saying I made up : "Where ever a person's money goes, so goes their heart."  That means that when you have some money put into something you tend to stick with it a little bit more.

"Okay, TheHusBlog, I get what you are saying, but honestly, how does this help me?" Well, good sir, the table above helps illustrate a point, but now you still have to think about what you and your spouse can do together right?

TheHusBlog Definition Pause part 2 : Hobby Examples

  • Self Improving Hobbies : These are hobbies that improve your life overall.  Working out, learning, stuff like that...
  • Home Improving Hobbies : These are the kind of hobbies that improve your surroundings.  Wood working, gardening, stuff like that...
  • Investment Hobbies : Stamp collecting, baseball card collecting, anything where you put some money in and hope in time you will see an increase in value.
  • Time Sucking Hobbies : These hobbies are characterized by just passing the time, video games, puzzle building, things along those lines.
As you can see you have some choices to make when it comes to hobbies.  First is something you and your spouse do together and second what kind of hobby is it.  You have to strive to find some common ground for you and your spouse to build on.  It is not always easy, but if you find the right hobby, it will at least be fun.


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