A Husband's Guide to : Guys Night Out

The age old saying goes, "You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others."  Okay, I confess, I do not know if that is an age old saying but it kind of sounds like one right?   We give our all to our marriages (or at least we should) and sometimes all the work gets us down.  Sometimes a night out with the fellas is all one needs to remember that along with being a husband, you are also a man, and being around other men who know your trials can be refreshing.  Guys night out should be something that you do to recharge your batteries, get away, or just to have some fun with friends but you must remember that even with this, there are rules.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : The Rules for Guys Night

  • Prework : "Thou shalt get all chores done, in advance of Guy's Night."
  • Communication " "Thou shalt bring thyn cell phone and answer it, if the wife calls."
  • For the Wife : "Thou shalt only call in case of an emergency"
  • Location : "Thou shalt not go somewhere you know the wife would not approveth of..."  You know, strip clubs, singles bars, other shady places.
  • Moderation : "Thou shalt not get too drunk."  You should be able to have a good time without getting sloppy drunk, do you really think the wife will let you out again with your buddies if you come home three sheets to the wind?
  • Reciprocation : "For every guy's night, a girl's night must followeth..."
I think the above rules are rather simple to follow.  Being married is a great joy and a great amount of work, but we all need a quick break every now and again.  Be sure you take your break when you need it.  Enjoy time with friends, and when you take the time to get away you will appreciate what you get to come home to even more.


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