Terms of Zen

We all get to the point of our relationships where we want our partner to calm down or stop over-reacting.  Sometimes this happens when a chore has not been completed or a fight is brewing, but regardless of the scenario we all want our partners go to there happy place every now and again.


  • Calm Down : A true classic.  Calm down is used most often when someone is angry about something that really does not matter in the big picture.
  • Relax : We have all seen our spouse starting to wind up.  Usually at the start of a fight, the jaw clenches, voice pitch gets higher, words start coming out faster...  "Relax" usually serves as a preemptive strike against further aggression. 
  • Chill Out : Usually delivered in a matter of fact manor, chill out almost never helps, in fact usually it serves as a catalyst to the fight.
  • Take It Down a Notch : This one usually is meant not to end a conflict, but slow it down.  Taking it down a notch indicates that you know the other party is angry, but you want them to be a little less angry.
  • Bring it down from Def-Con 5 : During the big fights you might want your partner to calm down to at least one step below total Nuclear War...
I am sure there are others, leave them in the comments below.


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