Things That Would Happen If Sitcoms Where Real

I am a sucker for TV.  My wife would say that I watch way too much of it, which is probably true.  Now it can certainly be said that most TV is written so that little life gems that people can identify with are placed so that the viewer can connect with the show.  That being said the most obvious thing about TV, however, is the fact that it is NOT REAL.  So I got to thinking how would some of my favorite sitcoms be different if they were real.

  • How I Met Your Mother : Rather than being on season 7, How I Met Your Mother would have only been a 2 episode show, with the first episode having the main character listing off a small percentage of his ex's while calling them names like Liar, Unstable, Whore, Dumb, etc.  The second episode would be a long story about how happy he is to have found the love of his life, the end. (Whether or not that is true, he is telling his children, and we all know they can't be trusted)
  • Two and A Half Men : Charlie Sheen's character would not only be suffering from Syphilis, but would more than likely be in jail for failing to pay child support to his three illegitimate kids.  The "Half Man," would easily be sneaking into strip clubs by now, unable to have a healthy relationship with a woman to save his life.
  • Big Bang Theory : Remove all hot chicks from that show and it becomes accurate.
  • Family Guy : Lois would have divorced Peter somewhere around episode 2, and taken custody of the kids because Peter would be classified as mentally retarded by even the most clueless of Judges.
These are just a few examples, I am sure you can think of others, put them in the comments I would love to know what you think...


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