Rules of : The Drive Thru

Nothing can cause fights faster than stupid stuff.  As I do my research (talking to my friends mostly), I have found that the majority of fights occur over stupid stuff.  The big things are often handled with a far more delicate hand.  Big things don't come around too often so it stands to reason that if you are fighting a lot it is over the stupid stuff.  In order to end these fights I am going to present rules to various situations, were as (is that supposed to be one word : wereas?  Hell, I don't know.) both parties have to adhere to the rules.

Rule of Ordering at a Drive Thru

  1. If ordering for a car load of people, the driver should be given all orders by the time he pulls up to the speakerbox.
  2. YOU MAY NOT INTERRUPT the conversation between the driver and the magically talking box.  While the ordering is going on that relationship is sacred.  If you have something to add simply touch the driver and wait for the order to be finished.  You can then tell him what you need to tell him and he will address the magical talking box again.
  3. If the order is more than 40 dollars then you should not use the drive thru.  That is too many items for the driver to keep track of in his head.
  4. Remember that orders can be changed at the window as well, so if something is not right or someone other than the driver wants to make a modification this can be addressed at the window, besides it is just fast food not the end of the world.
  5. Once the transaction is done, IT IS DONE.  If all food is correct then why the hell would you have issue with how it was ordered?  If the driver did not order to your satisfaction, then drive yourself next time...  Seriously, do we really care?
I have ruled.  If you cannot abide (the Dude Abides[love that movie{if you do not know that quote then seriously, ask your friends}]).  


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