Terms of Being A Man

Okay gentleman, when we are out with our male friends we can get loud, boastful, and even a little bit rude.  This combination of friends and testosterone is key to maintaining yourself.  As we grow in our marriage, the demands of being a good husband can wreck havoc on our masculine side.  When this happens we have our friends around to tell us kind words of encouragement.


  • "Be A Man" : A classic, usually reserved when a male in the group orders something silly like an apple-tini..
  • "Sack Up" : Reserved for short term situations, perhaps your friend has just lost his bar seat to some douche bag and it going to let it go, a simple "Sack Up" is required to get him to toss the fucking Abercrombie wearing douche off his seat.
  • "Can I Hold Your Purse For You?" :  For more prolonged wuss-ness, this simple chiding might be just enough to get your friend back.
Ah, but the truth of the matter is, being married does mellow you out.  It is why our car insurance rates lower simply because we are married.  Being a manly, loud, boastful, alpha is great, but the female influence does make us men just a little softer.  Sure that can sometimes feel like too much to take.  But if you take a minute to think about it honestly, you will realize that it is just another part of growing up...

However, do not order an Apple-Tini, no amount of marriage can make that okay


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