Things That Get Co-Managed

In all relationships there are trade offs.  Some nights one person picks a movie to go see or a restaurant to eat at, another night the role is reversed.  Marriage tends to encompass not only love and acceptance but also a thousand little concessions to make life together work.  However there are some things that are constantly being negotiated at an almost minute by minute basis, you could say they are co-managed.
  • The Remote Control : All the couples I know watch at least some TV together, but they all have trade off shows.  These are the shows that one person likes and the other person can stand that are used as tokens in the relationship.  "Fine, I will watch Jersey Shore if you watch Battlestar Galactica"
  • The Netflix Account : Another point of contention waiting to happen, when you have a limited number of resources (discs) and an unlimited number of wants (DVD Queue) there are bound to be problems.
  • The Gym Membership : Sometimes an issue when there are more than one options, but usually an accord can be reached.
  • The DVR : Recording space, recording space, recording space.  I have seen many a marriage suffer slings and arrows when programs are deleted before being watched.
  • The Cell Phone Plan : Which company to go with, what phone do you want, what phone does your sweetie want...  Droid or Iphone (because really what other phones are there?)

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