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Okay so I am trying a new type of post and we will see if it sticks around.  The reason for this is simple.  The topic I want to cover really does not fit into A Husband's guide to, Terms of, or Things.  Please keep in mind that Off Topic But On Point is on a trial run so if you love it, please comment or shoot me an email (, please do the same if you hate it as well.

I have gotten a small amount of emails about my writing style and requests for how to be a better writer.  Seriously, I mean a small amount...  But I decided to address those emails in a post rather than writing to the small handful of emails.  Let me first say that I do not think I am a good writer.  There are several writers that I look up to.  In fact I am going to list a few of them here :

The Blogess Click Here  She is amazingly funny, and an insanely better writer than I could ever hope to be.
We Band of Mothers Click Here  She is very funny and has a sharp wit that will stab you in the face if you are not careful.
Marriage Problems Blog Click Here  She is incredibly honest, and paints a picture that you can really feel.
Her Crazy Thoughts Click Here  Raw and unfiltered, she does a great job of sharing her opinions without judgement.

These are my favorite writers, each with there (I used there wrong on purpose) own flare and flavor and each one showing me where my writing is lacking and where it could be better.  Writing really breaks down into three main points...  (not doing A Husblog Definition Pause here, because that is only for A Husband's Guide to posts...  but why do I feel still like I am cheating whenever I use bulletpoints...)

  • Theme : All writing should have a theme that you carry throughout.  Its what makes the difference between hard to follow free form thoughts versus a well thought out piece of writing.
  • Style : Do you want it to feel informal, as if you are talking to a friend, or do you want it to feel as if you are addressing a large group of strangers.  Either way is fine, but your style should reflect you!  A good exercise is to write as if you would talk to your audience.  Think about who you would want to talk to and write in a way to reach them.  It could be friendly and random (wanted to use non sequitur here but I could not spell it) or honest and serious... In any case use the style that fits you.
  • Honesty : I can attest, that it is very hard to be completely honest in a post.  You always want to filter yourself so that you look better, or sound more intellegent (spelled it wrong on purpose to make a point).  But people will read your stuff because they can relate to it.  So please be honest.  If that is hard for you then I have an exercise.  Have a couple drinks, then write down your thoughts.  I have found that after a couple of cocktails, the filter that makes me want to seem better than I am turns off and all that is left is me, which I hope is good enough.
So there (totally used there correctly on purpose) you have it, my thoughts and opinions on writing.  I hope this has helped.  As always my first goal is to entertain, second is to inform.  And seriously if you look at my grammar you cannot doubt that...


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