Things From Back In The Day

So I was going through my computer the other day for data back up and what not, I have come across some of my old writings.  Some friends and I used to hang out, drink some booze, and come up with some (what we thought was) funny stuff.  I have to share some of this because I think it is funny.  Below I am listing off several of the acronyms that we came up with in College.  I will admit that some of them are risky so please read with caution...

D.R.T. (Define the Relationship Talk) – A talk in which one person is extremely uncomfortable as the other person is seeking some sort of commitment

N.P.T. (Non-Productive Touching) – Touching that will not directly lead to fellatio, cunillingus, or coitis

J.S.E. (Jerry Spring Etiquette) – An Act that would only be exceptable on Jerry Springer or at your Uncle’s Trailer

D.C.M. (Dawson’s Creek Moment) – A moment shared between two people in which an emotional exchange occurs often covered by unnecessary use of large words.

M.A.B. (Maladjusted Boy) – A boy coping with a repressed childhood…probably beaten up

M.A.G. (Maladjusted Girl) – A Girl coping with a repressed childhood…probably a slut

L.U.G. (Lesbian Until Graduation) – A woman who finds the need to engage in homosexual behavior simply to piss off her parents…Or just so she can get guys.

B.U.G. (Bi sexual until Graduation) – Same as L.U.G. but a little more honest

T.M.I. (Too Much Information) – Information that when shared causes an uncomfortable feeling in everyone within earshot

A.C.B.(After a couple of beers) – The ability to overlook certain deformities after drinking an alcoholic beverage

R.F.S.(Red Flag Situation) – The same as T.M.I however one is attracted to the person who shared the information

T.M.A. (The Morning After) – The after effects of sleeping with someone (A.C.B.) and not knowing their name

P.O.F.(Preys on Freshman) – Those guys that love to pursue freshman girls who don’t know any better

P.O.H. (Preys on High School) – Those who just can’t get a date in college

B.A.V. (Born again Virgin) – Those chicks that used to put out then realized that no one respected them…They will soon realize no one will begin to respect them anyway

N.P.F.D. (Never Pays for Drinks) – Those damn bitches that ride their looks out for every drink they can get
C.H.A. (Can’t Hold Alcohol) – Persons who act like a complete idiot after a few drinks…usually also NPFD, ACB,  and TMA

N.B.F. (Never been Fucked) – People who just don’t know what they are missing

D.P.C. (Drunk Phone Call) – That call from someone who will say a lot of things they don’t mean so that you will come over

M.B.P. (Might Be Pregnant) – What a girl says when she is not getting enough attention

I.T.B.J. (Interested Till Blowjob) – When a man fakes interest in whatever a girl is saying long enough to get serviced


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