Things That Cause Drama

"Happy Wife, Happy Life."  That is a saying that I think most of us husbands recognize as true.  Now when my wife is happy, my life is good.  When my wife is upset, my life is very much not so good.  I got to thinking about the little things that can drive our wives crazy and I thought, this is going to be a great list...

  • Leaving Laundry on the floor
  • Answering questions while clearly paying attention to something else
  • Spending too much money
  • Leaving the kitchen a mess
  • Not taking out the trash
  • Having too many "guy's nights"
And the list could go on.  This post really isn't meant to be funny, but instead thought provoking.  If it is easy to list the things that makes the wife go crazy, how easy is it to list the things that make her happy.  And if the list is easy, why aren't you doing them...


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