A Husband's Guide to : Cooperative - Competition

So first of all I guess I should mention that I changed my template.  I had noticed that on some posts it was hard to read and I was ready for a change.  I really like the new look and hope you do to.  Please feel free to leave a comment to either validate my changes and boost my self esteem or to express your disapproval which is nothing compared to what my own psyche can dish out...

With that being said, on to today's post:

This past weekend was my wife and I's Anniversary and as such we made some plans to go out enjoy some food and see a movie.  As something funny to say before we left the apartment I looked her in the eye and said : "Are you ready to kick this anniversary's ass!"  Without missing a beat my wife high fixed me and said: "Hell ya!"

What followed was a day where her and I worked together to make sure our anniversary was fun and did not get us down.  Historically my own worst enemy is my expectations.  I want everything to be perfect and if it isn't I get upset and tense, even if my wife is fine with the current turn of events.

Our anniversary day consisted of three main events

  • Brunch at our FAVORITE restaurant.  FAVORITE is capitalized because this place ROCKS!  If you are ever in Dallas and want an awesome meal go to The Grape on Greenville, trust me you will not be disappointed.  
  • Pedicures at a hot, hoity-toity spa in Uptown.
  • The Hunger Games at a local theater.
Brunch was awesome food-wise, however we got sat next to a baby shower.  There is nothing louder than a baby shower, except of course for a bachelorette party, but what the the chances of running into one of those at noon on a Sunday...  It was hard to talk and be heard, we asked if there where any other tables, which of course their weren't.  So the wife and I made the best of it by talking when the baby shower had lulls in the conversation.  Oh, and once their food arrived when had a solid 5 minutes of talk time.  We, however, did not let that keep us down.  Onward we went.

We got to the spa 20 minutes early as was recommended by the website and when we arrived the funniest thing happened.  My wife and I were separated.  She was taken to the women's lounge and I was taken to the men's.  So my wife and I were waiting for our appointments in separate rooms.  Again we were not thwarted.  Instead we started texting.  "Does your lounge have little brownies, cause mine does!"  "Oh yeah, we mine has fancy cheese, so suck it."  "Yeah but do you have a pitcher of ice water with copious amounts of sliced lemon and lime?"  We managed to crack ourselves up even in separate rooms.  We did at least get to sit next to each other during the pedicure so ha!

The movie theater was packed as everyone was going to see The Hunger Games.  My wife and divided our tasks, she would secure seating and I would acquire snacks.  The division of labor allowed us to be in our seats munching on popcorn as the movie started.

The key to the whole day was to not have any expectations.  Loud groups next to us at brunch, or being separated, or a crowded theater did not have any impact on us having a good time.  Some of you reading this might be like, well duh, of course that shouldn't bother you, that stuff is so small.  Well, I am not talking to you.  Others among you might be thinking, yeah I would be pissed at least one of the scenarios.  Well don't get mad.  Once you get mad, the moment is ruined.  The only one you end up hurting is yourself. 

Enjoy each moment with your spouse and make sure to not be your own worst enemy because it is often those awkward, annoying moments that make the best stories later.  Besides, you should always remember if the little stuff is bothering you, then that means you don't have any big problems in your life and that should at least make you thankful.


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