TheHusBlog Does Movie Reviews

I know, I know, it appears I have jumped the shark on this one right?  Movie Reviews?

Well to be honest I have been writing a ton of "Guides" lately and I thought I would take a moment to point out some movies that I love that you might not have ever seen or heard of.  Sure this doesn't quite fit into a marriage blog, but maybe I might help you pick out a movie for date night.

State and Main : This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies.  It has an incredible cast and is very funny, however it is a dialogue driven movie.  There is not much action per se, and the plot is moved forward by the vapid self interests of the main characters as they strive to make a movie.  It is one of Philip Seymore Hoffman's earlier roles and he really shines as Joe the writer.  This movie really makes fun of the movie making business.  If you enjoy witty dialogue then this is for you, however if you are bored in the first 15 minutes then turn it off because that is how the whole movies goes...  Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue. (Netflix by mail service only)

Stranger Than Fiction : This movie is truly delightful.  Will Ferrell plays a serious role but is supported by an amazing cast including Queen Latifa, Dustin Hoffman, and Emma Thompson.  I do not want to ruin the plot for you as this movie is way more fun to watch if you know nothing about it.  I can say it is interesting, heartfelt, funny, and intelligent.  This is great date night movie.   (Netflix by mail service only)

Equilibrium : This is an action movie that makes you think.  The fight scenes are truly amazing the world that is portrayed is thought provoking.  In the future mankind is on a drug that suppresses emotions.  Those that resist and choose to feel are hunted down and killed.  Christian Bale does an incredible job with this film and it truly represents a "thinking man's action movie."  (Netflix by mail service only)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall : This is hands down my favorite comedy in recent memory.  It is a bit raunchy so if you do not like cursing or questionable dialogue then it might not be for you.  I, however find this movie hilarious.  The plot centers around a guy trying to get over the love of his life by taking a vacation to Hawaii by himself.  Unfortunately, after arriving he finds out his ex is at the same resort with her new beau.  This movie delivers humor with a lot of heart.  Yes it does get dirty, however it is just so damn funny.  The plot seems really trivial and over done but this movie ends up being a true gem.  (Netflix by mail service only)


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