TheHusBlog Does Poetry

So I was going through my old writing projects from 15+ years ago and while I am busy packing I decided to dust off a piece from my past for sharing:

by TheHusBlog

Twas a late night and my mind would wander in flight,
I began to slowly drift,
My mind was sinking in a rift,

Then I was awakened by a clack,
Could it be the neighbors' boy,
Trying to score some crack,
But once again a clack,
Pitter, pat, clack, clack,
So I stood in my flat,
I would have no sleep with that Pitter and Pat,

I went to the door,
Stifling back a snore,
Then the door opened,
The sight I had to apore,

It was death at my door,
Black and evil for sure,
This menace pointed at me and I knew what for,

For today was my time,
But this isn't the end of my rhyme,

"Would you like a cup of tea?"
I said slyly.

Death could not ignore,
For killing was such a chore,
Tonight a cup of tea
Sounded quite nicely,

So we sat and talked sipping tea,
Here I was, death and me sipping tea,

But then it was my time,
How will you do it? I asked,

Then death passed out on my floor,

"Ha!" I laughed,
What a bore,
It only took five cups of Vodka and Tea
To make death pass out on my floor.

I know what you are thinking...  Why did I not going into writing professionally?


2 Response to "TheHusBlog Does Poetry"

  1. Andrea says:

    But you stopped before death's hangover!

    Death must be pissed. Hope for your sake he doesn't know where you live because he's prolly not going to fall for that 'cup of tea' B.S. again.

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