Off Topic But On Point : Tax Masterz Part 2... I Guess?

Oh, the internets, you crack me up sometimes...

So you might recall I wrote a rather angry post about a company called "Tax Masterz" a while back.  Well, while Googling things I discovered this :

So if you google "Tax Masterz" my post is the first to show up under the advertised links.  I am even above their Facebook Page.  

While this is funny let's recap shall we?  

If you google "Tax Masterz" I am the first post.

If you google "guide to bleaching your asshole" I am first again.

However, if you google "Husband Blog" I am nowhere to be found.

So apparently my target market is quickly becoming people who want to bleach their own asshole and need tax advice from unconventional people...

As a side note, I have nothing against Tax Masterz other than their name.  They might be really good people and I do not want to disparage the Tax Services they might provide.  I just think their name is dumb.

-A very confused, but amused, TheHusBlog

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