A Husband's Guide to : Moving Part 2

Moving really shows you a side to yourself and your partner.  As you unpack boxes you start to stumble upon little secrets about your mate that you might not have known before.  This reminds me of a book I never read, but heard about.  "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" which, from what I am told is about how a man takes apart a bike and puts it back together, but in reality he is taking himself apart and putting himself back together.

Now for clarification I have to make a side note.  My wife and I started dating long distance.  As things became serious and a job offer in my neck of the woods materialized she moved.  Much of her stuff remained in boxes after she moved in with me.  We lived in my bachelor pad for the first years using my stuff.  Then we moved to a rental house which already had everything we needed.  So her stuff stayed in boxes.  We lived in this rental for over 3 years.  Now we have moved and things that have lied packed away for 7+ years of hers are starting to be unpacked.

TheHusBlog Definition Pause : Interesting Finds While Unpacking

  • Shot Glass Collection : Shots make me hurt just thinking about them.  I can still handle my liquor, don't get me wrong, but in shot form.  No.  You know what not just No, but Hell NO!  Give me something to sip on and I will do fine, no need to direct inject booze into my system, I prefer a slow drip...
  • Old Pictures : There is nothing more fun to look through than old pictures of your spouse.   Snapshots of the time before you and her met serve to not only flesh out stories already told, but also provide ample ammunition for making fun...
  • [This Bullet Point Has Been Redacted] : I cannot go into details here.  But let's just say in general sometimes you can find "paraphernalia" that has long since been forgotten...  And I will leave it at that.
  • Bad Clothes : Let's face it, if you packed away clothes, forgot about them, and then are shocked to find them, I am willing to bet you are not going to be wearing them ever again.  
  • Horrid Home Decor : Our styles change as we age, thank God.  But sometimes it if fun to unearth some crappy wall art we used to think was cool.  
Oh it has been interesting times here.   The wife and I have had much fun poking fun at the other for all the weird crap we have been discovering.  Later in marriage, after a couple moves all your stuff becomes our stuff.  However because of my wife and I's situation I have gotten to take a look at these items with more than a couple years under our collective belts.

I am finding it hard to wrap this one up in a neat little bow like I usually do.  Pretend I just said (typed) something about the items from our past can be a springboard to our future...

To distract you I will show pictures...

My New View Out of My Our Office Window

And because of Marianne's Comment on a previous post 


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  1. Marianne says:

    LOVE your place. And good job on finding the liquor box. Urban living is great. The world is all right there, just an elevator ride away. Have fun!!

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