Things I Should Invent

Ah here we are again faithful readers.  Another "Things" post.  I came up with a great idea on the way home from work today and rather than spend all the time working on it and eventually creating it, I decided to instead turn it into a blog post, cause that is way easier and if someone steals my ideas I can just sue them later...

So without further ado (love it when I can type that)...

Things I Should Invent

  • Cherished Memories App : This is an app that would be downloaded on to each of your smart phones. Once opened it would prompt you to say whether you are a wife or husband.  If you say wife it will ask you to personalize your experience by asking you all kinds of questions like : Anniversaries, Birthdays, Special Memories, Favorite Gifts, and all kinds of other info.  The app will send the wife cute marriage quotes, and Internet specials.  If you say husband it will ask you for your wife's name. And if it finds her name in the database it will download all the information to your smart phone and set up reminders and provide you with all the needed information to not only stay out of trouble but make you look good.  Sure it is a little underhanded but, come on, if I sold it for .99 cents in the app store husbands would be lining up to get their wives to purchase it...  
  • Random Flower Service : Sign up once, and for a nominal fee flowers will be delivered to your wife randomly at least 6 times a year.  Different florists could sign up and only send flowers when they had overstock which basically creates a win-win.  The florist gets rid of excess product and the husbands look like random romantic super stars.  A text would be sent to the husband when the flowers were sent so they are caught off guard.
  • Male Friendly Manicure and Pedicure Place : Seriously men, you need to trim your nails.  So I would create a store front that caters to males.  HD Flat screens on all the walls, beer on tap, and even a finely aged scotch.  All this could be enjoyed during your manly pedicure or manicure.  
So what do you think?  Good Ideas?


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  1. Andrea says:

    Fantastic ideas! Can I have dinner sent though instead of flowers half of the time?

    That is a damn good idea... So good that it should really spawn off into it's own business. You should be able to put money into a dinner delivery account and as you have enough funds just have a dinner delivered to the house. I like it.

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