Things That I Believe Should Become Famous Marriage Quotes

So I am a huge fan of quotes.  I usually put at least one quote in each one of my presentations and often use them as a spring board in conversations where I want to make a specific point.  Which leads me to one of the items on my bucket list.  "Create a memorable quote."  So as a starting off point for this endeavor(I really feel like endeavor should be spelled with a 'u', but that is beside the point), I will begin creating some quotes for your consideration.

Soon to be famous(or forgotten) Marriage Quotes

"Marriage only requires the ability to keep your opinions to yourself until you are sure they are agreed upon." (Funny)

"If you can agree on one television show, one restaurant, and one piece of furniture, the rest of your marriage is gravy." (Funny)

"Marriage is the art of hiding your bad habits until you are forced to change them."  (Oh come on that is insightful and funny)

"Passion is a feeling, Love is a commitment, and Marriage is a test."  (Not so crazy about this one)

"The concept of social networks have been around for years in marriage.  Foursquare is your wife checking your debit card transactions to see where you have been.  Facebook was her calling your friend to make sure you were there and did what you said you were going to do.  Twitter was the quick response she would give you when you were in trouble.  And Pintrest was her leaving catalogues out on the counter with certain items marked so you knew what to buy her for your anniversary."  (It really doesn't flow all that well, but for us technology nerds it is funny, I swear)

"Being a good husband is all three things: being funny when you need to, being nice when you don't have to, and listening all the time."

"Nothing is sexier to a wife than getting all the chores done."  (Really my wife says this to me all the time, and it totally works)

Okay these might not be winners but it is a good and fun way start to my quest.  As I think of more I might add to this list.

As a related question what is something on your bucket list?


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