Things That Are A Husband's Job

I have been wanting to do this list for a while now.  We men get married knowing that we have certain tasks that are ours.  That being said, just because we recognize the fact we have to do them, doesn't mean we like it...

  • Taking Out The Trash : This is the most universal marriage rule I have ever come across.  For whatever reason, wives hate dealing with the trash.  We husbands must respect this rule, and in the words of Nike, "Just Do It." (You don't know how many times I wish I could have used that Nike quote in other posts).
  • Repair Man : I have to be honest here, I am NOT handy when it comes to home improvements.  Your wireless router not working, or your computer has spyware, I am your guy, closest door sticking, not my strong suit.  The key here is to take on what you can, I have friend who brews his own beer and built a bar for his dinning room, he is handy.  But what I do know is to call someone when I can't do it.
  • Warmth Creator : I know I am not talking about being a caring person, I am literally talking about creating warmth on cold nights.  When winter comes around, each evening, in bed I am greeted with ice cubes my wife calls feet.
  • Automobile Errands : Oil changes, tire rotations, other maintenance is something we men normally do.  Simply trade cars with the wife and get it handled.  The worst part of this job is the waiting, but we men do it, cause let's face it, a car repair person is less likely to try to screw over a guy, sad but true.
  • Home Protector : If there is a strange noise, we are the ones who must check it out.  Not the worst job in the world and most men take on this job gladly, just a matter of fully waking us up ladies!
I know this list is incomplete.  Feel free to put some other examples in the comments section.


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