Terms of Justification

I want to pair this with A Husband's Guide to : Money Part 1?.  I have been thinking about all the little phrases we use to justify "Married Money" spending.  There are many times in a marriage when one person wants to buy something pricey and has to get the other's "buy in." (Pun Intended).


  • "It's too good a deal to pass up" : There are indeed sometimes when you do come across a deal that is so good it makes you want to spend money you don't have.  The key is knowing the difference between a good deal and one designed to look good, for example buy 2 get one free HD TVs is probably not the best investment...
  • "You're always complaining that we don't have a good..." : This is a great justification if the item in question really is something the other complains about.  Good Example : "Honey you are always complaining our blender is too loud, look at this quiet model."  Bad Example : "Honey you are always complaining our blender is too loud, with this 7.1 Dolby Surround System we won't be able to tell."
  • "You have to buy more to save more" : The Warehouse store mantra.  Why by a loaf of bread for 1.99, when you can get 4 for 5.99...  Buy more to save more.  But really how many carbs do you plan on eating.
  • "It costs what is costs..." : This is a bold gambit.  Basically when you use this justification you are saying, hey this item is important, stop focusing on the price tag, because it isn't important, what is important is we need it.  This is usually used for large purchases, mainly from upscaling from the basic model to the deluxe model.  Think home appliances, this washer will wash the clothes, then dry them, then wrinkle protect them, we need this, it costs what is costs...
  • "Think of how much money, time, aggrevation we will save in the long run" : This can be a rather effective tool, if used logically.  There are times when a product or service will help us out immensely, but remember you have to be able to prove it.
So there are a couple justifications that we come up with to spend money.  I can honestly say that I am guilty of all them, but hey it costs what it costs...

I am sure there are other ones out there so leave yours in the comments.


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